Studio Seb van den Brink

Seb van den Brink

Sebastian is great at explaining things through storytelling and imagery. He does what he loves to do, and perhaps he’ll love making something for you, too. Get in touch.



Snelwegkaart 2018

This subway-style map gives a detailed view of the complete Dutch highways, with all exists, rest stops and interchanges. Created by Seb van den Brink. It has been sold over 400 times and you can own one, too! Read more about it on the store page.

Into The Ordinary

Seb runs a YouTube channel with thousands of subscribers and views, explaining how things work. If you’d like to subscribe, be sure to visit the YouTube channel itself and click that red button. Come watch and learn.


Together with Mendel, Seb hosts a podcast called the Nerderlingen. It’s usually in Dutch – with the occasional exception – and it’s all about entreprenerds.