Studio Seb van den Brink

Seb van den Brink


Designaholic illustrator, director, writer, concepter, animator, designer, musician and wannabe-architect Sebastian van den Brink (Sebas to his Dutch compatriots) is an information sponge. A true polymath in the design and story field, he has a talent for translating complicated concepts into easy-to-grasp stories and visuals.

A helicopter pilot, professional layman, a director – Seb’s main strengths are his skills in spinning cohesive stories across multiple media, directing the look and simplifying difficult ideas for better and easier communication.

Seb has been calling himself a designer ever since he discovered the term back when he was 8 years old, possibly influenced by his draughtsman father. Practising his skills on imaginary countries, designing buildings, vehicles, products, logos, maps, you name it.

After graduating from art academy (with an award winning short documentary about his beard-wearing father), he quickly latched onto the new trend of explanimations. Now, a good decade after getting his business license, he is reinventing himself as the passionate do-it-all he secretly always has been.

With a penchant for clean, no-nonsense imagery – and a similar approach to business – with a love for systems and grids.