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This website uses cookies. Small, usually harmless text files that are stored by your web browser on your device. Usually these cookies help create a better internet browsing experience, such as helping to store a secret login key so you don’t have to continuously log in again.

What Seb van den Brink uses cookies for

On this website, however, cookies are mainly used for keeping track of visitor numbers and statistics. No personal information is stored, such as addresses, passwords or birhdates. The cookies help to improve the website this way, by supplying anonymous data with which to better design the site. These are possible cookies you may encounter when using this website:

  • Google
    Using Google Analytics helps us keep track of anonymous users, sadly they use multiple cookies. Here you’ll find information on Google Analytics’ cookie usage.
  • WPML
    This website is bilingual. This is stored in a cookie to help your browsing experience. It would suck to have to click a button to translate every page, right?
  • WordPress
    It’s somewhat unlikely, but it’s possible you’ll get a cookie from this piece of software, which we use to run our website.
  • Others
    Are there other cookies stored by our website? Let us know so we can verify their identity.

Aside from that we also use cookies to see if you allow cookies, funnily enough. That is; if you agree, of course. These positive cookies are stored for a month.

You can set up your browser in such a way that websites are asked not to track you or place cookies.