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31st March 2018

A collected playlist of all my personal bests. On my Soundcloud account you’ll find way, way more tracks.

Asphalt EP

31st March 2018

This EP is inspired by accident. Specifically road accidents. It deals with loss and escapism (Project Asphalt), suicide (To You), throwing caution in the wind (Fuck This), insomnia (Ghost Riders), morphine addiction (DL) and getting back on your feet (Eight).

Piano Collection

15th February 2014

A collected playlist of individual piano, piano-esque and piano-inspired tracks.

Quality EP

15th February 2010

Collecting sketches, doodles, ideas and random noises into one big, giant pot-pourri of an album. The Quality EP puts quantity over its titular quality and has 100 tracks on it in varying styles, lengths and moods. Heavily influenced by¬†Prefuse 73’s album Everything She Touched Turned Ampexian.

Industrial 2006

15th February 2006

A collection of slightly industrial-esque tracks from around the year 2006.