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What is an amp? (Electricity part 2)

- , , - 24th December 2017

When you have an electric current it’s useful to be able to measure that current. This is done in amps (often using a multimeter). This video explains what an amp (A) (short for ampere) is, which also involves the coulomb (C). The coulomb is the SI standard unit for electric charge, whereas the amp is the SI standard unit for current.

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What is electricity? (Electricity part 1)

- , , , - 24th November 2017

What is electricity? How does electricity work? What do electrons do? What is short circuiting? These are all questions answered in this video: A fundamental explainer on what electricity is and how it works.

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How do steam locomotives work?

- , , - 14th September 2017

This was probably one of the hardest things to animate, especially the rods and cranks. With more time I would’ve been able to fully and properly animate them – but, alas. Time was my enemy.

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How check valves brew coffee and launch rockets

- , , , - 11th September 2017

Check valves can be found in all sorts of places. From your coffee maker to rockets, from steam engines to nuclear power plants, from fire engines to your own veins: Check valves are there to make sure liquids flow in one direction.

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How does Blu-ray work?

- , - 6th September 2017

LaserDisc, CD, DVD, Blu-ray are all one big happy family – with the exception of HD DVD, which was disinherited for being too stubborn. This video explains how these optical discs work in practical terms.

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